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Outdoor Media International  


We have been working in outdoor advertisement for 10 years already. We know better than others how to conduct an effective advertising campaign.

That is why we are always ready to offer our clients something more than mere placement of advertisement. We offer effective planning, tight control and irreproachable conducting of advertising campaigns.


  • outdoor market overview
  • recommendations "how to carry out an effective advertising campaign"
  • media-planning
  • design-test of creative artwork for outdoor advertising
  • financial management
  • flexible pricing
  • realization of non-standard special projects
    • 3D advertisement-bearers, shaped like Rothmans cigarette packs with a rotation effect, in Moscow and other cities of Russia, 1998 (3D Illusion Project)
    • mirror displays with advertising slides in Moscow cafes and restaurants for Vogue cigarettes campaign
    • a roof-sign for Sovereign cigarettes

Buying and placement

  • negotiations with contractors
  • choosing and buying of quality sites
  • providing with maps showing the location of the sites in the city
  • production of all kinds of posters and their transportation to the regions
  • using of all formats of outdoor advertising
    • Billboards, 6x3 m, 5x12 m and 5x15 m
    • Bus-shelters and free-standing pillars, 1,2x1,8 m
    • Brandmauers
    • Roof-signs
    • Street-banners
    • Moscow and regional metro
    • Advertising in airports of Russia and the republics of the former USSR
    • Railway transport, etc.


  • independent monitoring and control of the current campaign
  • photo-reports and the campaign analysis

Complex strategic planning

  • Complex solutions
    • promotion of brands, goods and services
    • support at any stage of product life cycle
    • corporate image development
  • Expert analysis and interpretation of objective and subjective marketing data about the market and competitors
    • If necessary, additional research is conducted.
  • Development of efficient strategies aimed at the most effective achievements of clients' business objectives.
  • Production of all kinds of advertising and informational materials

product placement

  • Analysis of opportunity of using "product placement" technology in the client's advertising campaign
  • Search of information in the field of cinematography and television with the purpose of determining the project that will better correspond to the client's marketing aims
  • Development of brand placement creative
  • Financial management
  • Project management at any stage of production:
    • script writing
    • control over the shooting of brand placement scenes, photo-monitoring
    • control over the rigging-and-rendering
  • Keeping the client informed about the timing of the film/TV series premiere
  • Estimation of media-efficiency of the product-placement technology
  • Monitoring of recurring demonstrations of the shooted film/TV series within a year from the moment of the premier demonstration

Additional opportunities

  • "Outdoor Media International" is accumulating immediately best experts and specialists of specific field for a project, as well as is concentrating its intellectual and creative resources on the client's project.
  • It provides the client with fresh effective solutions and their realization, as well as optimization of budget spendings on high quality intellectual and creative resources..
  • On the basis of outsourcing and subcontract and for the sake of its client "Outdoor Media International" makes use of every possible potential of its highly tailored partners as well as potentials of up-to-date manufacture.
  • "Outdoor Media International" has well regulated partnership on Russian advertising market and in mass media. We guarantee objective approach in media-planning and media-buying only on behalf of the client's needs and efficient realization of the chosen strategy.

Due to the cooperation with Outdoor Media International our clients get the service at the contractor's price, avoiding the routine of dealing with a great number of contractors.

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